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Iranian envoy dismisses Saudi allegations on Yemen

4 April 2015 10:21


Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Fathali rejected his Saudi Arabian counterpart allegations about Riyadh military intervent in Yemen, saying in the modern world governments cannot distort realities.

Iranian envoy dismisses Saudi allegations on Yemen
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Beirut Ali Awad Asiri, in an interview with a Lebanese newspaper, accused Iran of meddling in Yemen’s internal affairs and tried to justify his country’s bloody invasion of Yemen.

The Iranian ambassador said after more than a week of Saudi Arabia’s air bombardment of Yemen, the facts show Yemen faces a blatant military intervention which is not acceptable by laws and morality and cannot be justified.

He stressed that the military aggression has resulted in killing more than 300 innocent civilians of which around 100 are children.

‘The Yemeni people can see two approaches: one is military planes which drop bombs on them and destroy the country’s infrastructure and target refugee camps; the other is transport planes which bring them relief aids and carries their wounded for treatment,’ said Iran’s ambassador.

Fathali added people ask why a military coalition should be formed against Yemen while there has been no coalition against the crime of the Zionist regime.

He said the experience of foreign interventions in regional countries and their consequences is quite clear and contemporary history has abundant examples to take due lessons from.

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