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US-led war in Afghanistan claims 1000s of innocent lives


These two little kids and their parents died in a US forces’ nighttime raid almost 6 years ago here in Kabul. Arif Khan, their grandfather still remembers how all it happened. His voice eventually chocked while he was explaining us how US forces entered into his home and killed his son and grandsons.

Khan is still demanding justice.
How can a two-year-old child be a terrorist? He argues. The US military apologized for the deaths of Khan’s loved ones. However, this is not an isolated incident. These deaths are of the 14000 people who lost their lives over the past 13 years. It has been found by researchers of Brown Institute for International Studies.
And it is considered to be a bad legacy of the US0-led war here.

Most US and NATO forces went back to their home countries. But things have not changed here in Afghanistan. Despite the long presence of foreign forces as well as their repeated pledge to bring peace and harmony, the Taliban brutalities still continue. Militants keep indiscriminately targeting civilians to show their force.

Over 13 years on, NATO’s military mission has officially ended in this country. A lot of progress has been made when it comes to education, health care and governance. But peace has not been achieved. Taliban still remain a big threat here. The new government has laid out two options for insurgents to choose. They either lay down their weapons and make peace or face tough military resistance.

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