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Bahrain tortures prisoners to death

5 April 2015 16:58


Bahrain’s unlawful detention and torture of political prisoners is once again in the spotlight after the regime arrested prominent opposition activist Nabeel Rajab on April 2nd. He was arrested for tweets related to crackdown on prisoners in the Persian Gulf kingdom.
Bahraini activists are now voicing concern for Nabeel Rajab and al-Wefaq leader Sheikh Ali Salman after several prisoners were beaten to death during questioning.

Bahrain’s regime has used notorious Jaw prison to keep hundreds of people behind bars on charges of participation in peaceful anti-regime protests.

Mohammad Safa, a Lebanese activist and an expert on torture was detained in Israel during the occupation of Lebanon. He told press TV that Bahrain seems to have learned the torture techniques from the Israelis.

Bahrain forum for human rights has released the testimonies of several prisoners who were tortured by Bahraini and Jordanian guards in Jaw.

Press TV has faded their faces and voices for their own safety.

Testimonies given by these victims are examples of the daily oppression in Bahrain. These men were released but others unfortunately did not make their way out of prison alive.

What you see here are just a few instances of the unjust judicial system in Bahrain. The court has more than once acquitted policemen of any crime after having tortured prisoners to death. Torture in jails is a crime punishable under international law.

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