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Clashes between ISIL, Palestinian fighters continue in Yarmouk

5 April 2015 16:56


This is what the scene looks like in Yarmuk refugee camp in Damascus nowadays after ISIL militants attacked it several days ago. Press TV accompanied Palestinian fighters defending the camp against the ISIL. The Takfiris attacked the site in an attempt to foil a reconciliation deal between the armed extremist Palestinian groups inside Yarmouk and Palestinian factions who are trying to keep Yarmouk away from the Syrian unrest.

Aknaf Beit al-Maqdes is the main Palestinian militant group that has been occupying the camp. They signed a peace deal with rival Palestinian groups just before ISIL’s attack. Many of them are now fighting the terrorists alongside pro-Syrian government Palestinian factions.

Rapid developments are taking place on ground here in al-Yarmuk refugee camp in Damascus in parallel with ferocious fighting. Just tens of meters behind this barrier behind me are ISIL militants. The priority is to push back the threat of ISIL takfiri militants away from secured parts of Damascus.

We reached a position for Palestinian groups who were fighting with the Takfiris.
The Syrian army and national-defense forces strengthened their positions on the outskirts of Yarmouk to prevent any ISIL advance toward Damascus.

Ongoing clashes in Lubia and al-Filistin streets close to yarmouk are shifting the situation by hour over who controls what in the camp. It seems only time will determine who wins this strategic battle. However, the trapped civilians whose number reaches 20-thousand remain the most suffering. There are reports that ISIL has already started massacring people.

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