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Liberation of Tikrit: Humane and Opportune

5 April 2015 9:18


The magnificent victory over the terrorist group of ISIL in Tikrit has caught the United States and its criminal cohorts off-guard. Little wonder they are fighting back.
Backed by media propaganda, they allege the liberation of the city looks like occupation. Other silly allegations include volunteer forces carrying out lynching, summary execution of ISIL sympathizers, looting, ransacking stores and burning homes for the run of it!

The frantic propagandists should take note:

These barbaric acts are what their terrorist goons have done in Tikrit and continue to do in other areas, under the horrible campaign of sectarian bloodletting. The Iraqi-led and Iranian-backed campaign to liberate Tikrit that paves the way for liberation of Mosul had the minimum number of civilian casualties. It had nothing to do with sectarian tensions.

It is the death cult of ISIL and its enablers that have committed, and continue to commit, such heinous crimes in Iraq, Syria and now Yemen. According to the United Nations Human Right Office and numerous international rights reports and investigations, ISIL is committing all three of the most serious international crimes: War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This makes ISIL’s enablers complicit too.

Those still in doubt are free to take a look at all those official reports and investigations available online. They draw on in-depth interviews with thousands of victims, refugees and those who witnessed or survived such attacks. They document a wide range of violations by ISIL against ethnic and religious groups that amount to genocide under international law.

These documents highlight widespread violations that include killings, torture, abductions, rape, sexual slavery, forced religious conversions and the conscription of children. Apparently all these – in the eyes of Western governments and media – do not amount to violations of international law, but the humane and opportune liberation of Tikrit does!

Perhaps they intend to save face and not bear responsibility. Perhaps their monster is no longer able to keep territory and they want to slander the resistance as an answer to their shortcomings.

Whatever it is, history will never forget what the United States and its Arab allies have done to the Middle East and North Africa. History will never forget how ISIL rounded up, shot and beheaded thousands of innocent Shias, Ezadis, Christians, Kaka’e, Kurds, Sabea-Mandeans and Turkmen in broad daylight and in front of the cameras. History will never forget how some villages were entirely emptied of their “infidel” populations…

In her book “Hard Choices”, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledges that the CIA created ISIL to curb Islamic awakening in the region. Clinton admits she lobbied with over 100 governments to convince them to support and recognize ISIL as a counterbalance.

Her acknowledgement serves as further proof that the United States and its cohorts are not fit to judge the sensible conducts of Iraq’s regular and irregular forces in any liberated territory. For the long-suffering people of Tikrit, they are national heroes and guardians.

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