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The army hits many terrorists’ dens in Idleb city and other areas across the country

5 April 2015 9:23


The army carried out Saturday a number of operations in many areas across the country, leaving scores of terrorists killed and many of their hideouts, weaponry and munitions destroyed.

Many gatherings of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra, “Ahrar al-Sham” and “Jund al-Aqsa” organizations were directly hit during army operations in various areas in Idleb city, with the terrorists suffering heavylosses.

To the south of Idleb city, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization had several of its dens hit in the villages and towns of Sarmeen, Jedar Bkafloun, al-Meqebla, Nahlia and Qmeinas.

The army inflicted severe losses upon the terrorists’ ranks there, according to a military source who affirmed to SANA that the army strikes killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition.

The army units also killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their arms in Abu al-Duhour, Tal Salmo and al-Hamidiyeh areas, 50 km to the east of Idleb city.

In Jabal al-Zawieh, many terrorists were killed and others were injured in the archeological al-Bara village, which earlier came under repeated terrorist attacks.

The terrorist organizations also suffered more losses in personnel and equipment during army operations in Kafar Lata village in southern Ariha city and Aabdin village in northwestern Khan Shaikhon.

Other units of army launched strikes on terrorists’ supply routes from Turkey, destroying vehicles and ammunition in Salqeen town near Liwaa Iskenderun region which is occupied by Turkey.
The army killed a number of terrorists and injured others as it targeted their gatherings in Maaret Masreen village, which is located on the road leading to Bab al-Hawa border crossing to Turkey.

An army unit also destroyed a terrorists’ den in al-Huweiz village between Idleb and Hama.

Army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts in al-Touta, al-Qara’, Ayn al-Barda, Taftanaz, and al-Muqbila in Idleb countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles and weapons.

Deir Ezzor
An army unit destroyed 15 vehicles equipped with heavy and medium-sized machine guns belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in al-Salehiya neighborhood in the eastern Deir Ezzor.
Units of army and armed forces targeted gatherings of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and “Ahrar al-Sham Movement” in al-Latamneh town in the northern countryside of the central Hama province.
Many terrorists were killed and several of their vehicles were destroyed in the operations.

The source added that the operations resulted in destroying vehicles of Jabhat al-Nusra organization and Ahrar al-Sham movement.

The army launched intense operations against dens of terrorist organizations in various towns and villages bordering the Syrian Badia (desert) to the east of Salamiyeh city in Hama.

The operations, which were concentrated in Jana al-Albawi, Eqeirbat, Hamadi Omar, Rasm al-Qteisha, Rasm al-Faya and Tal Admeh, left scores of terrorists killed and their vehicles destroyed.
Another army razed a den of terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) organization in Qleib al-Thawr village near al-Mabouja village, where terrorists committed a massacre last Tuesday in which at least 48 civilians were killed.

Army targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in al-Lahaya, Kifr Zeita, al-Qastal al-Shimali, Sarha al-Qiblyeh, Tabarat al-Dayba, and Rasm Abboud in Hama countryside, killing dozens of terrorists and destroying their weaponry and vehicles.

The army directly targeted dens of ISIS terrorist organization in concentrated operations in two villages in eastern Homs.
The operations, which took place in Ghneiman and Jebb Habel, resulted in the destruction of tens of vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machine guns, while all terrorists on board were killed or injured.

An army unit also targeted and destroyed dens and gatherings of terrorists in Bir al-Hakim, Jabal al-Asabe’ and Jabal al-Nueimeh villages, which are located near Jabal al-Shaer in the northwestern countryside of Palmyra city.

The army carried out concentrated operations against dens of so-called “Jabhat al-Nusra” organization, “al-Ansar battalions”, “Homat al-Aqeda” brigades, “Osod al-Islam” brigade, “al-Iman bellah” battalion and “al-Farouq” brigades in al-Rastan city and west al-Wa’ara village and Um Sharshouh in the northern countryside of Homs province, a military source told SANA.

The source added that the military operations resulted in the killing a number of terrorists and destroying a number of their dens.
In the eastern countryside of Homs, the source noted that units of army destroyed dens, arms and ammunition of terrorists and killed a number of them in Rajm al-Qasr, Rajm al-Aali, Abu Hawadeet, al-Mshairfa al-Shamalia and Um Sahreej.

Army also targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in Umm al-Tababeir, al-Shindanyeh al-Shimalyeh, al-Shindanyeh al-Janoubyeh, al-Darwishyeh, Shaar, and Aqerbat in Homs countryside.

A unit of the army and armed forces destroyed a vehicle with terrorists, weapons and ammunition on board on the road between al-Hrak and western al-Mleiha in the eastern countryside of the southern Daraa province.

Other army units also destroyed ammunition cashes and four vehicles of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and killed many terrorists in Aqraba and al-Noeima villages, in addition to leaving others dead in Daraa al-Balad in the city.
Army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts in al-Karak, Ataman, Tafas, and al-Manshyeh, killing and injuring large numbers of terrorists.

Army units destroyed vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns, a 23mm gun, and a rocket launcher, and eliminated scores of terrorists in the areas of al-Wadihi, al-Mallah farms, al-Nairab, Handarat Camp, Abboutin, al-Lairamoun, and al-Atareb in Aleppo countryside.

An army unit destroyed a terrorist den, leaving a number of terrorists dead and others injured in the village of al-Hamidiye in Quneitra countryside.

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