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Afghan forces kill 26 militants in 24 hours

6 April 2015 13:55


Afghan forces have killed over two dozen militants during separate military operations across the country over the past 24 hours, officials say.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior released a statement on Monday, saying 26 militants were killed during separate operations in eight provinces.

In addition, 34 militants were injured and six others detained by security forces.

The ministry did not give any details regarding which provinces the operations were carried out in.

In a separate statement, the Ministry of Defense said two soldiers from the Afghan National Army were killed during the operations – one in a bomb blast and the other by militant fire.

The officials also said that during the operations, security forces discovered at least 36 different types of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Roadside bombs and IEDs are by far the most lethal weapons the Taliban militants use against Afghan forces, foreign troops, and civilians.

Latest official data shows that as many as 22 bomb attacks were carried out in Afghanistan in March. Some 116 people lost their lives and nearly 170 others sustained injuries in a spate of terrorist attacks during the same period.

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