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Hezbollah’s S. Qassem: Arabs Should Realize their Pride to Be Gained by Independence, Unity

6 April 2015 22:16

Sheikh Qassem 132_1

Hezbollah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed Monday that time will prove that all the recent events that took place in the region are directly linked to the US-Israeli political scheme which aims at redrawing the whole region in a way that serves its interests.

“If it weren’t for the resistance which fights that scheme in different arenas, catastrophes would have hit our region,”his eminence said while receiving the “Unity Meeting” political party.

He made it clear that the US-Israeli scheme is being defeated in the Middle East and its tools are doomed to failure as Arab peoples are fighting foreign intervention.

“Syria has been steadfastening for four years, Iraq is striking takfiris with severe blows, Lebanon is putting an end to destabilization and incitement attempts, and Yemen is standing solidly to prove the people’s right to independence and to unfold the Saudi aggression and its delusional hopes,” Sheikh Qassem said.

The Hezbollah official underlined that enemies are trying to compensate for their failure through planting sedition in the region, but they couldn’t manage to do so as a result of the people’s freedom and resistance.

He further underscored that “Islamic unity is represented by the achievements of resistance,” adding that Palestine remains the main cause of today’s challenges, stating that “it is time for Arabs to realize that their pride is only achieved through their independent decision-making process and their unity as well.”

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