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President Rouhani: People of Iran, Friend Countries Glad for Nuclear Deal

6 April 2015 18:24


Iran’s President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani has said that Iran negotiated with the west over its nuclear program for nothing short of removing economic sanctions, Mehr news agency reported.

Sheikh Rouhani addressed a meeting of high state and government officials and magistrates for the occasion of Iranian New Year on Sunday, where he emphasized upon a ‘national effort’ to attain national ideals and objectives.

“Economic boom is the most important objective for the government in the Iranian new year, which would only be realized through close cooperation of nation and government,” Rouhani told the meeting.

On recent nuclear success in negotiations with west, the Iranian President said that the Iranians and people in friend countries were happy with the agreement hammered out in Switzerland; “however, it brings nothing else than consternation for our enemies,” he added, criticizing the mentality developed by some countries that if Iran succeeded, it would seek to create a hegemony over the region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran do not intent harm to any country; this is a rule in our history; however, we will strictly protect ourselves against any power depriving us of our rights,” said Sheikh Rouhani.

The Iranian leader described negotiations in Lausanne ‘difficult, complex, and unprecedented in country’s diplomatic history, where all world economic and military giant powers attended.

“If the level of negotiations did not go beyond the low-profile diplomats, we would not have any success. The negotiations in Switzerland, we achieved some agreements on Natanz activity and details. We agreed also on Fordow, they agreed that Arak heavy water complex will remain as such. These, no doubt, are good steps, but in drafting final deal, we will have a difficult task ahead,” admitted the president.

“All our demands during negotiations have been removing of economic and banking sanctions; we would not negotiate for mere suspension of sanctions at all. If the demand was the suspension, no agreement was possible and desirable as well,” emphasized Rouhani.

“Both sides should have a resolve to hit a deal through negotiations; the world has no way other than negotiation with Iran, since our people have gone through thick and thin over their ideals; the world has understood that our nation will not succumb to pressures and sanctions,” he concluded.

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