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Rafsanjani hails skills of negotiators in N-talks

6 April 2015 18:25


Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Sunday that the skills of Iranian diplomats could remove wrong mentality of the western states and their warmongering to prove Iran’s transparent and legitimate stand.

In separate meetings with local officials from different organs and Majlis representatives, he praised perseverance of the Iranian nuclear negotiators in the past 18 months.

When the Supreme Leader denounces proliferation and usage of nuclear bomb, there will be no room for the western skepticism, he said.

Calling Lausanne’s framework deal a significant outcome, he said the two sides should avoid provocative slogans giving pretexts to hardliners who seek to create obstacles for Iran and G5+1.

He expressed the hope that the world would recognize Iran’s nuclear program within coming three months.

In these series of talks the world put seal of approval on peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities in the fields of agriculture, energy, health and civilian application of nuclear energy as part of the country’s legitimate rights which has roots in the patience and resistance of brave Iranian nation and their officials.

Rafsanjani appreciated the support made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution for the nuclear team and said it will take three months to the final deal which is very sensitive and complicated.

Iran was determined to make use of nuclear energy to bring comfort and enhance the life standard of people, he said.

The arbitrary international sanctions imposed on Iran was thwarted through national patience of Iranian nation, he said.

They imposed the heaviest economic sanctions against Iran but to no avail, he said adding that they had no option except to sit at the negotiating table.

‘We wish to continue nuclear activities with no limits and hope the IAEA to carry out its duties,’ he said.

Highlighting the speech delivered by US president at the US congress maintaining that they had no option except to resolve the issue through talks, he said it was very logical the two sides to express and exchange views at the negotiating table and now the two sides political parties and intellectuals should exercise vigilance to bar hardliners to take podium and deceive people by baseless statements.

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