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Palestinian nation has right to prosecute Israel at ICC

8 April 2015 8:27


Press TV has conducted an interview with Ramzy Baroud, the editor of the Palestine Chronicle in London, and Richard Hellman, the president of the Middle East Research Center from Washington DC, to discuss the possibility of Israel’s prosecution at The International Criminal Court (ICC) over its crimes against Palestinians.

Baroud believes that Palestinians, like any other nation, have the right to file a lawsuit in international courts such as the ICC against Israel for its atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank,.

He asks why Israeli officials should fear attending an international court to determine the truth if they are confident that they have not committed any war crime.

Meanwhile, Hellman denies the perpetration of war crimes by the Israeli regime, saying that Palestinians should not waste their energy on what is happening in the West Bank or Gaza, and should instead do their best to stop the carnage of Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk camp in Syria, where people are under siege by the Takfiri ISIL militants.

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