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Yemeni Revolution Forces Liberates Aden from al-Qaeda, Hadi’s Militiamen, Arrests 15

8 April 2015 17:16


Yemeni army soldiers supported by the Popular Committees announced Tuesday that two tanks and one armored vehicle were regained as they liberated the city of Aden, expelling terrorists of al-Qaeda takfiri group and militiamen of the outgoing President Abedrabbu Mansour Hadi from the Maala city.

Following 13 days of continuous airstrikes and warship attacks targeting the Yemeni people, Ansarullah movement confirmed in a statement the liberation of Aden from terrorists and armed groups, amid regional and international political developments, particularly the latest visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan to Tehran.

Ansarullah added that 15 al-Qaeda terrorists were also arrested and scores others were killed after the group’s operatives were expelled from Lodr-Zanjabar-Aden highway.

Aden, the southern port city where the Saudi Arabia wanted Hadi to establish rival government, witnessed on Monday intensified street fighting between the national military and Hadi’s militiamen, along with heavy shelling by the Saudi warships and warplanes that left scores of Yemenis killed, including 8 people of one family.

A coalition of 10 countries, led by the Saudi Arabia, launched two weeks ago a wide military offensive on Yemen, killing 20 civilians in one attack, wounding hundreds and causing so much destruction across the state.

Media outlets reported that Saudi Arabia has deployed “100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units” for the military campaign against Yemen. It also sent 5000 takfiri terrorists to fight against the Yemeni army.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for training and funding takfiri groups and sending them to the conflict-hit zones in the Arab and Muslim world, including Syria, Afghanistan and now in Yemen.

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