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Palestinian Ministry of Interior: No Islamic State in Gaza

9 April 2015 20:01


The Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security confirmed that there is no Islamic State (IS) in Gaza Strip.

The Ministry’s spokesman Iyad al-Bezem said, in a press statement on Thursday, “The exaggeration practiced in this regard by some media is untrue”.

He added, “The Palestinian Security Forces in Gaza have not launched arrest campaigns against any party. What happened is arresting a man who refused to respond to the summonses sent to him twice. He was questioned for some issues then released”.

“This came within the routine work of the security forces in order to maintain security and stability in the Strip”, the statement underlined.

Some media sources rumored the news that the Security Forces in Gaza rounded up a man who was described as the IS leader in Gaza.

The sources also published a statement by the IS threatening to destabilize the beleaguered enclave’s security in case he was not released, which was totally denied by the Ministry.

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