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Saudi-led airstrikes target Yemen’s infrastructure

9 April 2015 22:38


Saudi Arabia and its allies are pressing ahead with their aggression against Yemen. This residential building in the capital Sana’a has been hit in the latest round of aerial bombardments. A number of people, including women and children, have been killed and injured.

This complex of residential apartments is situated in the middle of an intensely populate area, where many people say there is no military facilities, and wonder what is behind such aggressive attacks that have targeted mostly citizens.

Many residents here say the aerial bombardment does not target a specific group but the country’s land and nation with no exception.

Yemen’s trade chamber has also released a statement, strongly denouncing Saudi-led air strikes that have destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure

Yemeni human rights activists have also held a press conference to discuss the aggression.

According to officials, scores of women and children have been killed since the beginning of the aggression. Nearly 1-thosuands houses have also been destroyed in the air raids across the country. And more than 15-thousand families have been forced to flee their homes to escape Saud-led airstrikes.

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