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Outrage sweeps the US as police racial killings resurface

10 April 2015 17:11


A video filmed by a bystander on Saturday shows a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina firing eight shots in the direction of a back 50 year old man identified as Walter Scott as he runs away. Scott died on the scene.

The officer claimed that he shot at the man because he had taken a Taser from him during a scuffle, which began after a confrontation at a traffic stop. However the amateur video, which was released on Tuesday night, appears to show the officer picking up the Taser and then dropping it near the man’s body.

The officer Michael Slager has been charged with murder and has been fired, but anger continues to build around his case.

The mayor and North Charleston police Chief tried to hold a press conference on Wednesday but were repeatedly interrupted by protesters, who at one point chanted: “No justice! No peace!” They also called for the Mayor to step down.

The mayor said over a hundred body cameras have been ordered for police officers to wear. The FBI is investigating but a shooting involving a white police officer and an unarmed African American has once again sparked national outrage.

In the meantime, Michael Slager remains behind bars. He has been denied bail as investigations continue.

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