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Complete Report from Yarmouk Camp: ISIS’ on the Defensive in the South

11 April 2015 9:45


The Palestinian resistance forces in the Yarmouk Camp have recently banded together to take on ISIL in order to prevent them from taking full control over this district in southern Damascus.

On Friday, the Palestinian resistance took the offensive for the second straight day in Yarmouk Camp, attacking ISIL at the Palestine Street axis on the border of Al-Tadamon – they were able to secure 70 percent of Palestine Street as a result of their offensive.

Leading the offensive in eastern Yarmouk was the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), who is currently on the frontlines against ISIL near Libya Street and the School District Street; if they’re able to take the latter street, they will have control of 75 percent of the district.

However, despite the offensive to retake the Yarmouk Camp, the Palestinian resistance is surprisingly at a disadvantage in the southern quarter of this district due to the vast network of tunnels that were created by the Free Syrian Army during their 2012 offensive to capture it.

According to a Palestinian source from the Jarmana Camp, many of the ISIL terrorists have utilized these tunnels to transport supplies to their embattled fighters on the frontlines, as the tunnels provide cover from the persistent air raids launched by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF).

Members of Fatah Al-Intifada have reported that the remaining number of civilians inside the Yarmouk is as low as 7,000 and as high as 15,000 people.

Currently, the Palestinian forces control approximately 60 percent of the Yarmouk District.

Source: Almasdarnews

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