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Iran Unveils 6 Knowledge-Based Products

11 April 2015 14:39

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Iran on Saturday unveiled 6 new knowledge-based products in a ceremony in the presence of Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari at North Khorassan’s science and technology park.
The products which were unveiled today included the third and fourth generations of composite tanks, Toosa file sharing system and browsers for easy access to goods and services, production of new forms of artificial stones, nanotechnology-based products, metal oxide powders, triangle sound system and nitrogen-rich fertilizer from latex produced in the process of vermicomposting.

After the ceremony, Sattari also visited different parts of North Khorassan’s science and technology park.

In relevant remarks in March, Sattari underscored the necessity for paying special attention to the development of knowledge-based economy in Iran.

“Today we should move toward changing the old approach towards research, a kind of approach which has been created based on reliance on oil revenues and has influenced research environment of the country,” Sattari said.

Changing the old habits needs firm determination for moving toward innovation by Iranian enterprises because reliance on mere oil revenues in research and technology has led to creation of luxurious but inefficient infrastructures in the country and that is why we should leave behind a kind of culture which is based on dependence on oil economy, the official added.

He said expertise and skilled human resources make up the back bone of knowledge-based economy, adding today the country faces a big and exceptional opportunity to move toward materialization of knowledge-based economy and distance itself from oil-dependent economy.

Iran is among the few world countries such as the US, Japan and Germany that have access to knowledge-based technologies.

The country has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly in medical and medicinal fields, in recent years.

Iran in August unveiled 5 indigenized knowledge-based products in a ceremony in the central city of Isfahan in the presence of First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri.

The five products were developed by the knowledge-based companies present in Isfahan science and technology town.

The knowledge-based products included a system for vacuum-therapy of wounds by Fanavar Pouya company which is a smart system with a digital monitoring system and can provide the needed minus pressure on the wound using a pomp.

Other products were compost technology produced through the bio-geme nano-bio-reactor method by Nano Vahed Sanaat company and also a system made by Payam Company for protecting information of vital servers.

The colored pigments used in detergents and linear actuator technology by Ehya Sanaat of Sepehan Company with applications in different industries, including biomedical engineering, construction industry and sports equipment were other knowledge-based products unveiled by Jahangiri.

Also in August, Iran unveiled five new home-made knowledge-based products used in different industries.

The new products were unveiled in a ceremony in Pardis Technology Park in Tehran in the presence of Sattari.

One of the products named mobile physics laboratory can be used for simultaneous teaching and conducting relevant experiments. The experiments which can be done with this laboratory cover all topics related to high school physics, including optics, electricity and telecommunications.

The other four knowledge-based products included operational robot for pipe networks, high-pressure capsules, direct current rotor-engines and hemodialysis machine.

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