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US police brutality generates concerns

11 April 2015 10:16


The US police brutality toward the American people has generated concerns in the US. In the last case of these brutalities, nine police officers battered a suspect for a minute in the State of California. Also, a few days ago, a white policeman shot dead an African-American in the city of Charleston in South Carolina. Similar incidents have taken place in the city of Ferguson in the State of Missouri, and in New York, making the headlines, last year.

The repetition of such bitter incidents shows the institutionalization of a brutal and unprofessional behavior among the US policemen. The police force in any given country is responsible for maintenance of security. However, in the US it seems as though the American policemen have turned into a factor disturbing public order. In accordance to historical evidences, the brutality of US police force is nothing new. Nonetheless, with the development of devices that record pictures, such as the cameras of cell phones, the public opinion are further informed about such brutality and offenses of the US police.

Meanwhile, the brutality of the US police is a reflection of violence in the US community. In other words, in parallel with mounting violence in the American community, the US police is trigger-happy in dealing with suspects, and murders or beats up any suspect immediately after feeling threatened. The American community is grappling with a vicious circle of violence. Meanwhile, amid this confusion, the ordinary citizens either fall victim to gunmen and psychopaths, or are harmed upon encountering police officers.

Meanwhile, years of indifference of senior police officers toward offending policemen has granted a sense of immunity to police force to exercise brutality in the US community. In a number of controversial cases of brutality of US police against the American people, it has been revealed that some of these police officers have had criminal records; and lawsuits had previously been filed against them.

In the last year, especially after the bitter incidents in the US city of Ferguson, a few measures have been taken for improvement of the US police force, such as the dismissal and trial of the offending police officer in the city of Charleston. However, these measures aren’t capable of alleviating the US police brutality.

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