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World’s Biggest Machine-Made Carpet Depicts “I love Muhammad (PBUH)”

11 April 2015 20:26


Iran unveiled the biggest machine-made carpet in the world that portrays a saying of Islam’s holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on morality and the phrase “I love Muhammad (PBUH)”.

The huge carpet, dubbed ‘Behesht’ (Heaven), was designed and produced by Iranian experts in two months.
The carpet, which covers an area of 21 square meters, includes 10 different colors and depicts religious words and poems admiring the holy prophet of Islam.
In the middle, it shows a Hadith -a sayings of Prophet Muhammad- in Arabic, which says, “I was sent (to people as messenger of God) to complete the best of morals.”
The product also portrays the phrase “I love Muhammad (PBUH)” in 40 different languages.
On January 14, 2015, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo featured a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) weeping on the front cover of its first issue after a January 7 attack on its Paris office by al-Qaeda-linked gunmen killed 12 people.
Following the weekly’s provocative move, Muslims around the world launched a campaign to show their deep affection for the Holy Prophet by expressing “I love Muhammad (PBUH).”

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