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Complaint filed with Prosecutor’s office on Jeddah Airport disgrace

12 April 2015 16:48


Lawyers of two victims of disgrace at Jeddah Airport filed a lawsuit with Tehran Prosecutors Office against the two saudi policemen appealing for justice.

Complaint filed with Prosecutor’s office on Jeddah Airport disgrace
Lawyer Manuchehr Bakhtiari said in an interview with IRNA that he and another Lawyer Mr. Zaki, filed the complaint with Tehran Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday.

He added that the complaints were as forwarded to Bench 30 of the Judiciary Court’s International Branch for legal proceedings.

Bakhtiari predicted that enforcement of verdicts of the Court of Justice may face difficulties, adding that the victims need to wait and see what the Saudi Court of Justice will decide about the moral catastrophes.

He said that the sentiments in the Iranian society are highly incited after the occurrence of the catastrophic vice and the only thing that the lawyers could do.

Bakhtiari said that the Shia and Sunni jurisprudence are both agreed on the case and even if the Saudi judiciary system will issue a milder verdict, it should be held accountable, since their legal source for verdicts is the Islamic jurisprudence.

‘We expect the Saudi Justice system to fulfill their obligation according to the legal code and the lawyers would seek justice on behalf of the victims,’ he said.

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani in an order to the culture and guidance minister asked the Hajj Organization to keep on pursuing the disgrace of two Iranian young pilgrims and the commissioned Culture Ministry to present a detailed report on the issue for respective decision making.

In his order to the culture and guidance minister President Rouhani has stressed the need for proper punishment of the Saudi culprits and providing peace of mind for the Hajj pilgrims.

The president has stressed in his order that although the unique experience of the pilgrimage of the Holy Kaaba is quite unmatched, but, if the prestige of the pilgrims and the national dignity of our country be breached that great prayer might turn into a forbidden act in religion.

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