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Larijani: Muslims should use resource to fight Israeli occupation

13 April 2015 18:12


Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Monday that Muslims should use all their resources to fight the major enemy of the Muslims, the Israeli occupying regime and liberation of holy Qods.

Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine Abu Ahmad Fouad.

Larijani said Iran fully backs Palestinian state and the resistance groups in campaign against the Israeli occupation.

He expressed deep concern about deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen due to Saudi indiscriminate bombardment of civilians targets killing several hundred innocent civilians.

Larijani said that escalation of conflicts between Islamic states are in line with the interests of the Israeli occupation and deterimental to the Muslim World.

All resources and weapons used against the Yemeni people should be made available to the Palestinians to defend their rights, he said.

Deputy secretary-general of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine Abu Ahmad Fouad, for his part, congregated Iran for its significant achievements in nuclear talks and said that the framework agreement reached in Lausanne, Switzerland, last week, was in light of the Supreme Leader’s wisdom and resistance of the Iranian nation.

There is no doubt that nuclear achievements will be to the benefit of all Muslim nations, he said.

He thanked Iran for supporting the Palestinian state and said if Iran had not supported the Palestinian resistance groups, the cause of Palestine would not have achieved.

Condemning Saudi military aggression on Yemen, he said that it is an adventurism.

The current deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen is at the behest of Washington and doomed to failure and the Yemeni nation will be final winner, Abu Ahmad Fouad said.

The Saudi military aggression on Yemen is blatant violation of the International Law and the Humanitarian law as well, calling on the Saudi government to stop bloodshed in Yemen.

He said that the plot masterminded against Yemeni nation in order to overshadow the legitimate rights of Palestinian nation.

Referring to recent development in Yarmouk Camp in Syria, he called it as a plot masterminded by the aliens against Palestinian nation, Abu Ahmad Fouad said.

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