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US drone attacks amount to war crime

14 April 2015 15:38


Press TV has conducted an interview with Edward Corrigan, an international lawyer and human rights attorney based in Ontario, to get his views on drone strikes carried out by the United States in various Muslim countries.

Corrigan says by carrying out the drone attacks in countries like Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, the United States is in fact committing war crimes because a lot of civilians are being killed as a result of these attacks. Even soldiers who run these drone missions are resigning from it “en masse,” he adds.

The analyst describes these attacks as an “extrajudicial assassination campaign.” He also notes that the CIA and US military carry out these missions under the guise of killing terrorists while most of soldiers are really unaware why they are targeting these people.

The pundit further states that there is no legal or political justification for what Washington is doing.

For some Americans these attacks are like playing video games, where they can blow people up with the push of a button, but in reality these indiscriminate killings will create new enemies for the White House, Corrigan concludes.

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