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Allegations on evacuating state institutions in Aleppo and shelling Yarmouk Camp denied

15 April 2015 6:33


Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi denied on Thursday media allegations on evacuating state institutions in Aleppo city.
Some social media sites and television channels have circulated news that institutions are being evacuated in Aleppo and that some officials are leaving the city.

Speaking to the Syrian Al Ekhbariya TV channel by phone, al-Zoubi affirmed officially that these allegations are totally untrue and confirmed that all the government institutions, hospitals, schools and universities in Aleppo are operating as usual.
All the administrative, military and security officials are on duty there, he also added.

The Minister hailed the resilience of the people of Aleppo, who came Last Saturday under terrorist rocket attacks in al-Suleimaniyeh, al-Sayyed Ali and al-Khaldiyeh neighborhoods and al-Nill Street.

Many civilians were killed and scores of others were injured in the attacks, which also left massive material damage.
Such “rumors”, al-Zoubi stressed, will not shake Aleppo people’s determination to continue to stand their ground until victory over terrorism is achieved.

In the same context, the Minister dismissed statements made by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry and other sides which alleged that the Syrian army has entered and is shelling the terrorism-afflicted Yarmouk Camp neighborhood.

He decried these allegations as totally baseless, saying they will not influence the “wise” way the Syrian leadership is dealing with the situation in the neighborhood.

The terrorists-besieged Yarmouk Camp recently came under new attack- this time by terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)- who, in cahoots with Jabhat al-Nusra, enetred the neighborhood and committed terror acts against its inhabitants.

Al-Zoubi put the number of Syrian and Palestinian residents who are still inside Yarmouk Camp at less than 6000, noting that those who have left the neighborhood were moved to makeshift centers.

He added that more residents are leaving Yarmouk Camp through specific routes, who are being accommodated and taken care of by the Syrian government and its various bodies concerned.

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