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Kerry ‘confident’ US will reach final nuclear deal with Iran

15 April 2015 13:14

John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is confident that the Obama administration would reach a final nuclear agreement with Iran despite new legislation by Congress.

“We are confident about our ability for the president to negotiate an agreement, and to do so with the ability to make the world safer,” Kerry said on Wednesday.

The top US diplomat made the comments one day after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill that would allow Congress to review a potential final deal with Iran.

The legislation passed the committee in a 19-0 vote and it heads to a full Senate debate and vote.

“Yesterday there was a compromise reached in Washington regarding congressional input,” Kerry said at a G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in Germany.

President Barack Obama accepted to sign the new bill after some changes were made.

According to the legislation, President Obama should submit the final nuclear deal for congressional review and he would not be allowed to lift sanctions levied by Congress against Iran during the review period.

The main change of the new bill is the review period that is shortened from 60 days to up to 52 days.

There is an initial review period of 30 days and 12 more days would be added if Congress passes a bill to disapprove the deal with 60 votes and sends it to Obama.

If the president vetoes the bill, there would be an additional 10 days added to allow Congress an opportunity to override the veto.

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