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Syria: Army Kills More ISIL & Nusra Terrorists in Various Areas

15 April 2015 7:05


Units of the Syrian army and armed forces on Tuesday continued to tighten the noose around foreign-backed terrorist organizations across the country, killing and injuring scores of their members and destroying their weaponry.


A number of terrorist groups’ leaders were killed during intensive military operations against hideouts for terrorists from al-Nusra Front and its affiliates in Salma town and Droushan village in the northern countryside of Latakia.

The operations also resulted in destroying terrorists’ vehicles, most of them were equipped with heavy machine guns, according to a military source said.

More hideouts were destroyed in the villages of al-Mugheiriyeh and Tirtiah, where all terrorists inside left dead and their weapons and ammunition destroyed.


The army repelled an assault launched by J al-Nusra terrorists against al-Samadaniyeh al-Sharqiyeh village in the northeastern countryside of Quneitra, a military source said Tuesday.

The army members clashed with the assailants, killing many of them and injuring others, the source explained in a statement to SANA.

The source said while the remaining terrorists managed to flee, their vehicles were left destroyed.

Earlier terrorist organizations’ hideouts were destroyed during army operations in the villages of Um Batena and al-Hamidiyeh in the western countryside of the southern province.

Meanwhile, the army carried out military operations in Mumtanah village, destroying terrorists’ vehicles, weapons and ammunition and killing and injuring many of them.

An army unit destroyed al-Nusra terrorists’ vehicles, weapons and equipment, killing a number of them in the village of Abu Shatta to the south of Jibata al-Khashab in the countryside.

Other army units destroyed terrorist organizations’ gatherings and hideouts, killing a number of their members in the villages of Um al-Izam, its surroundings and Bair al-Ajam in the countryside of the province.


The army destroyed a workshop for making explosive devices and shells and two so-called Jahannam (hell) cannons in Idleb city and the area surrounding Kafarlata town in the countryside, in addition to killing Saudi terrorists.


An army unit, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, carried out a special operation targeting terrorists from ISIL to the west of Hasaka city, northeastern Syria.

The operation, which took place on the road linking the areas of Abyad, al-Sawda and Abd, resulted in destroying several vehicles, some equipped with heavy machineguns, according to a military source.

Many ISIL terrorists were killed and others were wounded, while their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.


Units of the army and armed forces continued special operations against ISIL terrorist organization’s gatherings in the eastern countryside of Homs, killing and injuring many of its members and destroying their vehicles, machineguns, weapons and ammunition in the villages of Rahom.

The army units destroyed terrorist organizations’ gatherings and hideouts, killing many of their members and destroying their vehicles in the villages of Abu Hawadit, Um Sahrij, al-Mshairfeh al-Shamaliyeh and al-Mazbal in the eastern countryside of the province.

The source added that a number of terrorists of al-Nusra and the so-called Homs regiment and al-Farouk Battalions were killed in the army precise operations to the east of the post center in al-Rastan city.

Another army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in a special operation in the village of Ein Hussein in the countryside of the province.

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