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UK opposes ban on developing ‘killer robots’

15 April 2015 13:57


While they may seem like something from a movie, the threat of killer, autonomous robots that could destroy us is actually a real concern. A UN conference in Geneva is examining the future development of what are being called lethal autonomous weapons system but an international ban on the development of these so called killer robots is being opposed by the United Kingdom.

The discussion in Geneva is centering around whether increased computing power can eventually lead to a situation where some weaponry can operate and carry out attacks without direct human intervention. But critics argue human intervention is a necessity in combat.

Meaningful human control is a concept that many critics debate. Those in favor argue unmanned robots could take away the issue of human error. Meanwhile a report by Human Rights Watch argues that fully autonomous weapons will make it extremely difficult to place legal responsibility for unlawful deaths caused by a system like this.

We already have unmanned drones but the debate continues, with many calling for the UN to ban the development of killer robots before they become a reality.

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