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News Alert: Syrian Army and Hezbollah Capture Tal Sheer in Southern Al-Zabadani

16 April 2015 18:43

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Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Armored Division have captured the strategic hill of Tal Sheer on the outskirts of southern Al-Zabadani after fierce clashes with the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and Liwaa Suqour Al-Zabadani.

According to a military source, the resistance forces launched their attack in the wee hours on Wednesday morning, killing 22 enemy combatants from Jabhat Al-Nusra and Liwaa Suqour Al-Zabadani, while securing the southern perimeter of the hill at 8 A.M.

After securing the southern perimeter of the hill, the resistance forces fought their way to the top of Tal Hamra before they were able to capture the remaining Nusra-held territory.

The capture of Tal Sheer comes 24 hours after Hezbollah and the 1st Armored Division seized control over Tal Al-Hamra – the hill overlooking Al-Zabadani from the Western Mountains.

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