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ISIS Begins Withdrawal From Yarmouk Camp

17 April 2015 19:02


ISIS has begun their withdrawal from the Yarmouk Camp after entering the district two weeks ago and taking complete control of the rebel-held territory in the southern quarter.

This news comes one week after the Palestinian resistance forces – led by the Palestine Liberation Army (Syrian Arab Army’s Palestinian wing) – took the offensive inside Yarmouk Camp, recapturing territory conceded to ISIS and their allies in the week prior.

On Thursday, the Palestine Liberation Army – in coordination with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), Fatah Al-Intifada, and a small contingent from the Hamas affiliated “Aknef Beit Al-Maqdis” – were able to capture Morocco Street, Shalasheen Street, most of Yarmouk Street, 22nd Street, the Yarmouk Girls School, and the Yarmouk Roundabout.

With the capture of these areas in Yarmouk Camp, the Palestinian resistance forces now control approximately 75 percent of the district – the exception being half of the southern quarter inside the district.

According to a Fatah Al-Intifada source at the nearby Jarmana Camp, ISIS withdrew most of their forces to the Saker Stadium in the southern quarter and the city of Hajar Al-Aswad to the south.

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