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Venezuelan-Iranian solidarity group backs Caracas anti-imperialist drive

17 April 2015 11:58


This week, the Venezuelan and Iranian solidarity parliamentary group is organizing activities in support of Venezuela’s ongoing anti-imperialist campaign and against recent US sanctions against the Latin American nation. Sovereignty and international law will be on the group’s agenda.

Ever since the start of the Bolivarian Revolution, founded by late president Hugo Chavez, Venezuelans have shown an increasing interest in Iran’s Islamic revolution and its visible role in the world’s current political spectrum.In this context, National Deputy and coordinator of the Venezuelan-Iranian group, Mr. Diogenes Andrade, has spoken to Press TV about the bonds between the two nations.

Likewise, among Iranians, there is an enthusiasm for working with Venezuelans in order to promote their common principles of independence, peace and self-determination.As this group encourages both nations to share their views on the international landscape, their economic exchange is also moving forward.

As Venezuela and Iran keep on strengthening their ties in several economic areas, the relations between the two countries expand in the political sphere as well. This is due to the fact that two nations have a number of common strategic goals including addressing the threats of US imperialism.

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