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Yemenis condemn UN resolution against Ansarullah

17 April 2015 11:59


A rally organized by the Ansarullah movement has been staged in the liberation square of Yemeni capital, Sana’a to condemn the latest UN resolution on the county.

The UN council imposed an arms embargo on the Ansarullah movement and gave the group an ultimatum of ten days to withdraw from areas they have taken over.

Supporters of the Ansaullah movement responded by saying that they will not give in to what they perceive as international pressure to politically enslave the Yemeni people.

Protesters also condemned the four-week Saudi aggression against Yemen which has claimed the lives of over 2600 people. Human rights organization are calling for an immediate end to the air offensive because of the rising number of civilian casualties.

Despite the increasing number of civilian casualties, Saudi officials have declared that the operation will continue until the Houthi fighters and the Ansarullah movement disarm.
Protesters here say they will continue to take to the streets in the midst of these airstrikes to voice their rejection of the perpetual Saudi air assault, which continues to pound Yemen’s economy and kill more innocent civilians.

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