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Attack on civilians in Yemen to bring disgrace to aggressors: Rouhani

18 April 2015 8:36


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has warned against hatching plots in the region, saying the military aggression against civilians in Yemen will bring disgrace to the aggressors.

Addressing a special ceremony to mark National Army Day in Tehran on Saturday, President Rouhani added that Iran’s powerful Armed Forces seek to establish peace and security and defend the defenseless people.

Other countries must learn from Iran’s Armed Forces and prevent hatching plots in the region, he said, adding they should not attack innocent children and the aged people in Yemen.

“Others must learn from Iran’s Army and do not seek a plot in the region and do not attack innocent children and elderly women and men in Yemen,” Rouhani said in a special ceremony to mark National Army Day in Tehran on Saturday.

He added that attack on the oppressed people would not bring honor to anyone.

“Why do not the aggressors extend the hand of friendship and reconciliation to other nations? What is the meaning of financial and arms aid to terrorists in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq? What is the meaning of the bombardment of the oppressed and innocent people in Yemen?” the Iranian president asked.
He said the airstrikes against the Yemeni people created a grudge among regional nations and emphasized that the invaders would definitely receive the response for their deeds.

Saudi Arabia began its deadly aggression against Yemen on March 26 without any UN mandate. The military campaign enjoys the support of the US and some of its allies. Over 2.600 people have been killed in the unabated airstrikes so far.

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