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Great Satan US Navy Fire Two Cruise Missile Targeted Yemen Capital

18 April 2015 14:03

US Navy Fire Two Cruise Missile Targeted Yemen Capital

Great Satan US navy fire two Cruise Missile targeted Yemen Capital while Yemen defense shield is switched off before former president fled country.

Under plan for restoring armed system, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi former president of Yemen ordered some defence missle system swiching off and order for defusing other system, Vefagh Press reports.

At the moment Yemen has no missile defense system.
Meanwhile US Navy Targeting Yemen Capital by firing two Cruise Missile while Saudi-led air strike enter its 4th week.
US many times support Saudi led aggression in yemen and offerd logistical help.

But in the othe hand Iran has presented a plan to the UN in a bid to end the conflict in Yemen. The proposal calls for international action to put an end to the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen.
The four-point Yemen peace plan Iran brought before the United Nations on Friday came as heavy bombing carried out by a regional coalition continued to hit the country.

After heavy attacks, the country has fallen into chaos since Saudi-led coalition last month targets yemen infrastructure with airstrikes.

More than 700 people have been killed. Thousands more have been wounded. And there’s a humanitarian crisis underway with many refugee.

According to aid workers and Yemeni locals, the Saudi warplanes used prohibited arms in their airstrikes on Fag Atta area in Southern Sana’a on Friday.

The Saudi fighter jets continued to bomb Sana’a on early Saturday for the 24th consecutive day, leaving dozens of people dead and injured.

Meanwhile Yemen’s al-Qaeda branch, known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, seized a weapons depot Friday from Yemeni government forces, reported AFP.

The weapons depot is in the city Mukalla, located in Yemen’s Hadramawt governerate.

The day before, al-Qaeda militants seized an airport also located in Mukalla.

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