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Terrorist incidents drop sharply in Pakistan

18 April 2015 10:45


These are the officials of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the H-R-C-P, a leading think tank and data collecting private organization. The H-R-C-P has portrayed a grim picture of human rights abuses with particular references to ill-effects of so called war on terror in Pakistan.

The report says more than 1700 people were killed and over 3100 others were injured in nearly 1200 terrorist attacks by militants in 2014. Over 200 people were killed in 92 incidents of sectarian violence, particularly against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Nonetheless, the report points out that terrorist incidents have dropped by 30 to 42 percent.

US drone attacks were yet another factor in contributing human rights abuses. The report said a total of 114 people were killed in the past year. Pakistan has turned out to be the most dangerous country in the world for media. Alone last year, the report said that 14 journalists and media workers were killed and the transmission of many major news networks was suspended for weeks and months.

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