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Speaker: Iran not to implement nuclear undertakings before seeing powers’ decisiveness

20 April 2015 5:46


Iranian Parliament speaker reiterated that Tehran will not implement its undertakings before being assured of the world powers’ firm decision for complying with any possible nuclear deal.
Addressing the legislators in an open session of the parliament, Ali Larijani said in Tehran on Sunday “Our negotiators should manage the scene of the talks with more attention and consider alternative scenarios for different conditions and the Islamic Republic will take no action before seeing the firm decision of the other side.”

He said conditions and analyses warn that the US is trying new deceptive methods to disrupt the nuclear talks, but Iran will continue the negotiations, but “they should naturally give clearer guarantees that continuing negotiations will yield results”.

Yet, the Iranian parliament speaker said the US negotiators are unlikely to be so naive to imagine that they can boost their bargaining power through such tricky moves, rather, now “they need to tolerate a different and more cumbersome condition to be able to guarantee the agreement”.

Larijani’s remarks came after US President Barack Obama said that if Iran violated its undertakings even for an inch, all lifted sanctions would snap back again.

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