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Unity govt. to hold meeting in Gaza

20 April 2015 16:59


The members of the Palestinian national unity government have arrived in the Gaza Strip through Erez checkpoint to address different problems in the impoverished enclave.

The main issue to be addressed is the public employees’ problems who were appointed after June 2007 in every ministry.

The construction process of the war-torn Gaza is among other issues to be dealt with by the cabinet ministers.
Paying the salaries of the government employees will also be addressed during Gaza meeting. The recent taxes revenues release by Israel, has enabled the government to pay some parts of the employees’ wages.

Public employees have received only 60% of their salaries over the past four months due to the halt of revenues. With the latest release, the situation has a new reality.

The Palestinian Unity Government is trying to overcome the issues of public employees & Gaza reconstruction. Political Factions support these endeavors so that they can overcome the issue.

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