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Former Zionist Israeli War Minister: ’Israel’ Cannot Face Hezbollah Rocketry Power

21 April 2015 21:03


Former Zionist Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens considered that the Iranian nuclear weapon is not the only danger which threatens the Zionist entity as the augmenting Hezbollah rocketry power poses a greater peril.

“Though the Iranian nuclear weapon will affect the geo-strategic situation in the Middle East, the possibility of using it is slight. However, it is more possible that Hezbollah launches its heavy rockets onto ‘Israel’,” Arenz mentioned in his article published by Haaretz Zionist newspaper.

He added that ‘Israel’ is unable to deter Hezbollah rocketry attacks and that all the Zionist claims in this regard are flimsy.

Arens stressed that all the Israelis must be worried as Hezbollah rocketry power is augmenting, noting that the Zionist army failed to prevent the party from reinforcing its arsenal.

The Zionist former Defense Minister said that Hezbollah now possesses over 100 thousand rockets, including heavy and pinpoint ones.

Source: Al Manar TV

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