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Great Satan US warships dispatched near Yemen

21 April 2015 7:12


The United States has dispatched its warships near Yemen as Saudi Arabia’s aggression continues against the Arab world’s poorest country.

According to IRIB, further denying reports that the move aimed at the interception of Iranian ships present in the region, Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, on Monday said US Central Command moved the ships due to the situation in Yemen.

The Pentagon spokesman claimed “They are not going to intercept Iranian ships,” adding “That is absolutely not the case.”
Meanwhile, the Pentagon confirmed that the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and the cruiser USS Normandy have been dispatched to the region.

A US Navy statement said “Theodore Roosevelt and Normandy have joined other U.S. forces conducting maritime security operations in the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb and the Southern Red Sea.”

It added “In recent days, the U.S. Navy has increased its presence in this area as a result of the current instability in Yemen,” claiming “The purpose of these operations is to ensure the vital shipping lanes in the region remain open and safe.”

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