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Hezbollah Condemns ISIL Crime in Libya: Group’s Ideology Originates in Wahhabism

21 April 2015 7:19

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Hezbollah denounced the new crime that was committed by the terrorist group of ISIL in Libya and that claimed dozens of innocent Ethiopian citizens, offering condolences to the families of the victims and those who experienced the agonies of that horrible massacre.

In a statement, Hezbollah considered that the crime complements the series of tarnishing the image of Islam and the Muslims and persists on seeking the religious and the sectarian wars in order to serve the malicious plots of the intelligence services in a number of Arab and Western countries.

The statement added that the criminal ideology of ISIL is one of the major dangers that threatens our nation and affects its present and future negatively, what imposes on everyone the responsibility of encountering that ideology which originates in the genocidal Wahhabism that, in turn, inflicted destruction, murder and fire wherever it existed.

The scenes which ISIL broadcast to show the executions of the vulnerable plus the footages of razing the churches and the monasteries and assaulting the Islamic and the Christian sanctities in Mosul, Raqaa and other areas must serve as an incentive for all the live forces to eradicate that terrorist group and strike its funders in the region and the world, Hezbollah concluded.

Source:Al-Manar Website

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