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Drone found on roof of Japan premier’s office

22 April 2015 10:02


A small unidentified drone has been found on the rooftop of the Japanese prime minister’s office, prompting a police investigation.

Japanese media said staff members at Premier Shinzo Abe’s office discovered the 50-centimeter (20-inch) aerial device on top of the five-storey building in the capital, Tokyo, during mid-morning on Wednesday.

Public broadcaster NHK reported that the four-propeller drone was equipped with a small camera, a water bottle and something that resembled a flare. The device was also decorated with a symbol warning of radioactive material.

Aerial footage from the scene showed dozens of police investigating the roof and the helipad of Abe’s office building, with the drone covered under a blue sheet.

An official at the prime minister’s office and police authorities are yet to comment on the incident.

Abe was not in the building at the time of the discovery. The prime minister arrived in Indonesia on Tuesday to attend a two-day summit of Asian and African leaders.

The use of drones has become more common in Japan, where there are no current legal restrictions on the use of such aerial devices. The drones are particularly used for aerial surveillance, photography and video recording.

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