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Hamas hails its affiliated student bloc’s victory

22 April 2015 18:44


Hamas Movement considered in a statement issued Tuesday evening the victory of the Islamic bloc in Polytechnic University student council elections as a victory for the resistance option.

The Movement hailed the Islamic bloc’s big win at the elections in Polytechnic University that proves the students’ support for and adherence to the resistance option and national constants.

The group expressed its gratitude to the students for electing and trusting its student bloc.

The statement also hailed the Polytechnic University administration for holding the student elections amid a democratic, positive atmosphere.

For her part, MP Samira Halaiqa said that the Islamic bloc’s victory shows the popular support for resistance path in challenge to the PA repression policy and Israeli targeting of the Islamic bloc’s members.

The Islamic bloc has managed to attract students despite of the arbitrary measures undertaken by the PA against its student activists over the past seven years, she added.

Speaking to the PIC reporter, MP Halaiqa stated that the bloc’s victory came as a result of tight security measures on the part of the PA security apparatus and Israel as well.

The Islamic bloc, Hamas’s student wing, won 15 out of 31 seats in the Polytechnic University Student Council elections held on Wednesday 21, 2015 compared to 13 seats last year.

Competing Fatah Youth Organization Bloc got 15 seats, losing two seats compared to last year’s results. One seat was won by the leftist student bloc.

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