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Political Analyst: Hezbollah Leader’s Speech on S. Arabia Hit Bullseye

22 April 2015 19:01


An Arab political analyst underlined that the recent statements by Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement Seyed Hassan Nasrallah about Saudi Arabia and its aggression against Yemen all proved to be true.

“Nasrallah’s arrows hit the target (Al Saud) and he continued doing so until Saudi Arabia stopped attacking Yemen; the sadistic reaction of Al Saud to Nasrallah’s remarks is for the same reason,” Rezvan al-Dayb wrote in an article in an Arabic-language newspaper on Wednesday.

He noted that over 80 percent of people in Arab and Muslim countries listen to Nasrallah’s speeches, and said, “…these speeches show the truth about what is happening in the Arab and Muslim countries.”

For the first time, Nasrallah showed to the world that there is no Shiite-Sunni war underway in Yemen and Ansarullah is not an Iranian or Iranian-backed group; Hezbollah leader blasted Saudi Arabia for not helping the Palestinians.

On April 6, Nasrallah demanded an immediate end to the Saudi-led military invasion of Yemen, insisting that the kingdom aims to reclaim control over the neighboring nation.

“If Yemen leaves Saudi Arabia’s control, it also exits US control, and how can America let go of Yemen,” asked Nasrallah during a live interview with Syria’s al-Ekhbariya TV, emphasizing that the Saudi regime and some of its regional and western allies have failed to achieve anything by launching the deadly bombardment campaign against the impoverished Arab nation.

He further said Riyadh must end its military aggression and allow Yemeni groups to initiate a dialog under international supervision.

Nasrallah further underlined that the US-backed Persian Gulf monarchy would suffer a heavy defeat as the Yemeni population is increasingly standing up against the Al Saud regime.

The Hezbollah leader also stressed that the Saudis have in fact demonstrated their open support for Al-Qaeda and ISIL terrorists, who are also a threat to Saudi Arabia’s own existence.

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