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Palestinian Hero Khader Adnan threatens to go on hunger strike in Israeli Prison

23 April 2015 9:12


Human rights sources disclosed that the Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan threatened to go on open hunger strike in case the Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) renewed the administrative detention against him which is supposed to end on May 5.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Prisoner Voice radio station called on all the Palestinian administrative detainees to continue the battle of hunger strike in order to transform it from an individual effort to a strategic collective step to put an end to the Israeli policy of detention without charge or trial.

This followed the Israeli neglect of the latest hunger strike waged by Palestinian administrative prisoners.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan is from Arabah town in Jenin. He is held in Israeli jails for the tenth time. He is the first who started the battle of “empty stomachs” against administrative detention in December 2011.

As a result, he was released in April 2012 before the Israeli forces rearrested him again.

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