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US, israel and Saudi Arabia Declare ‘Victory’ after heavy losses and failure

23 April 2015 15:41


Saudi Arabia’s declaration of ‘victory’ in the 27-day war on Yemen is ridiculous yet hardly surprising.
Their military objectives of “Operation Decisive Storm” haven’t been achieved. Their desperate attempt to rebrand the unprovoked war is ridiculous too. They failed to defeat the resistance movement of Ansarullah and/or reinstall their former authoritarian president Hadi. They just killed and wounded thousands of defenseless civilians while destroying Yemen’s critical civilian infrastructure.

For those keeping track, what happened to Yemen is exactly what happened to Gaza during last year’s Israeli war, known as “Operation Protective Edge”. Clearly those who branded that conflict are also the ones that came up with almost an identical name for the Saudi-led aggression. Which means the axis of evil – Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States – is one and the same. This unholy alliance is behind many other regional conflicts and ‘victories’ too, as the stated aims are all but the same: State demolition.

Within this context, the unprovoked war on Yemen has to be an open-ended war. Like their Israeli partners and under pretext of national security protection, the Saudis will continue their illegal attacks and naval blockade. There will be no sustained halt to military assault or relief for Yemenis facing humanitarian crisis. Soon the United States might even start building a naval base in the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb!

What is well documented, however, is that the Saudis will never stop interfering in Yemen’s internal affairs as they claim they are embarking on the newly branded “Operation Restoration of Hope”. The terror-mongers claim it would aim in part to combat “terrorism” – though the indications are that it will only continue to focus on the Shias, and not Al-Qaeda, their own creation.

Subsequently, the naval blockade is designed to intimidate or escalate and either of those options will make things worse but not better. Worse yet, the US naval presence will not only directly escalate the conflict, but also reinforce the devastating blockade, unleashing a new round of drone war and a humanitarian crisis in the impoverished nation.

This is where the shocking similarities between the illegal blockades on Yemen and Gaza make sense after all. Like Gaza, Yemen relies on imports for 90 percent of staples, where food and water supply are running dangerously low. The World Health Organization warns of an imminent collapse of health care services amid increasing shortages of life-saving medicines and vital health supplies, frequent disruptions in power supply and lack of fuel for generators.

Soon the Organization will draw some similarities between the two besieged nations too, regarding apathetic international donors and failed reconstruction efforts. According to the Organization, it will take some 100 years to rebuild Gaza’s devastated infrastructure. The enclave is still under siege where international aid and construction materials are not being allowed in.

If any, it might take even longer than that to rebuild Yemen. After all, the Empire of Chaos is backing the apartheid regimes of Saudi Arabia and Israel AND their blood-drenched coalition.

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