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’Israeli’ Mossad: Saudis Our Friends, Partners since 1960s

24 April 2015 20:15

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The Deputy Chief of the “Israeli” “Mossad”, Menachem Nahik Nabot, who served in the position since the sixties of the last century, in addition to assuming the presidency of “Tfal” Division which is responsible for the relations with Arab and foreign countries, uncovered some aspects of the Saudi stance towards the Zionist entity.

In an interview with “Israeli” channel 2, he stressed that Tel Aviv has many friends and partners in the Saudi kingdom. “They do not view us as an enemy.”

He further revealed that joining the “Mossad”, specifically to the “Tfal” Division, enabled him to wander in the Arab countries. According to the “Israeli” official, there exists a large number of Arab partners and friends, specifically in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf states.

In parallel, he stressed that “the Saudis are not enemies for” Israel “. They are friends, and they appreciate the relationship with us.”
“The wrong image we have is that the Arab countries want to destroy “Israel”, and certainly this does not exist anymore.”

On the Lebanese arena, he recalled that he had been in charge with the Lebanese file in the “Mossad” in 1980. “We had the aim to support Christians and Druze in order to save the “Israeli” interests.”

“Our intervention in the Lebanese internal front dragged us to the “Peace for Galilee War” as well as to contaminated blood in the Lebanese mud.”

On this level, he revealed that the Phalanges took the permission to invade Sabra and Shatila camps, and to massacre of hundreds of Palestinians, from the “Israeli” government and its PM, Menachem Begin, as well as from “the “Israeli” army.”

“We had good ties with the Phalanges, and when Bashir Jmayel was killed, we decided that to enter Beirut … I wasn’t authorized to personally decide the invasion… They took the permission from PM, Begin, and the “Israeli” army. I’m just a tool, a deaf machine that obeyed the orders.”

He also revealed that “Israel” took the decision to invade Lebanon years before 1982, but it only waited a pretext.

Source: al-Ahed news

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