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Saudi airstrikes against Yemen complete failure

24 April 2015 8:28


Press TV has interviewed Sara Flounders, co-director at the International Action Center from New York, and Richard Hellman, president of the Middle East Research Center from Washington, to discuss the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Flounders says the Saudi aggression has been a “complete failure,” because it failed to stop the Ansarullah movement and it shows that bombardment from air just like the US drone attacks cannot reverse deep feeling on the ground.

This month-long bombardment, which has been resumed after the Saudis promised to end it, should be condemned in the strongest terms, she argues, adding that the invasion is a violation of UN charter, because they directly target civilians, hospital and infrastructure in the impoverished nation.

The Saudi aggression against Yemen is completely aided by the US naval warships, the political expert says, noting that Saudi Arabia may pay for F15 and F16 warplanes, but the airstrikes are run and controlled by the Pentagon.

Hellman, for his part, says nobody in the United States really knows what is happening in Yemen, but the United Nations and America are expected to do more to stop the violence in the Arab country.

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