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OIC has never supported oppressed people: Analyst

26 April 2015 18:49


Press TV has conducted an interview with Massoud Shadjareh, the head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, to ask for his take on the announcement of an extraordinary ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Yemen.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It is obviously something that needs to be attended to, but two questions come up immediately; first, if they are going to have it in May, it means that this is going to continue, and secondly, do you not think they have acted a little too late on the fact that there is a country being bombarded by another country.

Shadjareh: Well, the reality is there is urgency [with which] this whole matter needs to be dealt with. And as you rightly said, you know, the people are being bombed on a daily basis, innocent people are dying. But you know it’s not character of OIC. OIC, as once one head of its own states indicated is ‘Oh! I see!’ – has been the most incompetent sort of organization that has ever been created. It was created to support and protect the Palestinians, and it has done nothing whatsoever in that arena or indeed any other arena. It has been sort of an organization which is more or less controlled by Saudi Arabia, and indeed, many of its states are actually involved in this onslaught and killing.

I do not think we could wait for OIC to do something. Our experience in the past shows that OIC is totally incompetent, never done anything, never lifted a finger to support people, and indeed support the most oppressed Muslims.

But nevertheless I think what is really happening around the world is ordinary Muslims are actually holding demonstrations and organizing, raising their voice. We have had demonstrations right across the Muslim world, and indeed non-Muslim world, in Nigeria, in Indonesia, in Malaysia, in London, and many other places. And these are escalating because people are actually seeing how barbaric this is and how outrageous it is that these countries who have never done anything except fighting and killing Muslims… Saudi Arabia and its so-called allies have never lifted a finger to support any oppressed people, let alone Muslims. And now they are killing, as their history shows, they have always killed their fellow Muslims.

Press TV: And quickly if you can Mr. Shadjareh, you know, it has become a broken record, so to speak, because we have seen how the OIC has not acted, especially when it came to the illegal wars that were exerted on the Gaza strip. We could talk about the plight of the Rohingyas, and there is many other instances where they have failed to act, and we can even put it in a bigger picture where the UN has actually failed to act, especially when it comes to Muslims and Muslim countries, so isn’t it time now to actually have some kind of organization formed that heeds what is happening to Muslims in particular?

Shadjareh: Absolutely. You know I think, to some extent, we could also see that the international organizations, including UN, are being equally, sort of controlled by small group of people with the vetoes, which really these organizations are serving not the purpose of ordinary people, be it on an international level, or on the Muslim level.

And we need to have replacements for them. But also, furthermore, I think what we need to have, we need to understand that there is a level of Islamophobia right now, internationally, which Muslims are not seen as equal human beings. And therefore, we are seeing Muslims are being disproportionately slaughtered around the world, and there is total silence.

And if anything, this silence is actually supporting the ongoing massacre of Muslims, be it Rohingyas, or Palestinians, or Kashmir, or Yemen, or Bahrain. You know you could see it right across the world, and indeed we need to have fresh approach to this, internationally, and there is an urgency that something needs to be done.

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