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Senior MPs in Baghdad call Iran’s arms supply vital for Iraq’s sovereignt

26 April 2015 19:00


Senior Iraqi lawmakers highlighted Iran’s pivotal role in fighting terrorist groups, saying Tehran protected Iraq’s sovereignty by supplying its army and popular forces with weapons.

“If we compare the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran in equipping Iraq with weapons to fight the ISIL, we should say that the US has supplied Iraq with a little and inefficient weapons so far, but whenever Iran sees Iraq’s need to weapons, its arms supplies are sent to Baghdad the next day and therefore, we prefer Iran to arm Iraq,” Hassan Khalati, the representative of Iraq’s National Coalition, told FNA on Sunday.

He underlined Iran’s important role in the Iraqi army and popular forces’ victories against the terrorists, and said, “These victories wouldn’t have been gained if Iran were not beside Iraq and we have transferred this message to the US clearly.”
Also, Abdolrazzaq Mohaibas, the representative of Badr fraction at the parliament, described Iran’s position on Iraq as honest, humanitarian and responsible, and told FNA that “Iran has been beside Iraq in fighting terrorism and defending its soil, dignity and sanctities”.

Mohammad al-Mayahi, another Iraqi lawmaker, underscored his country’s need to the cooperation of all neighbors, specially Iran, and told FNA that “when ISIL occupied certain Iraqi cities, Iran was the first country which helped us without any preconditions while many allies of Iraq didn’t act upon their responsibility”.
Iraqi officials have on different occasions appreciated Iran for its assistance to Baghdad in the fight against the ISIL terrorist group, and underlined Tehran’s pivotal role in the freedom of Iraqi cities from the hands of the terrorists.

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