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Velayati awarded Bosnia plaque of gratitude

26 April 2015 15:10


Iranian veteran diplomat Ali Akbar Velayati has been awarded a plaque of gratitude for his efforts to make peace in Bosnia during civil war in the Balkan country.

Chairman of Bosnia Center for Strategic Research Yassin Rawashdeh presented the plaque and a medal to the former foreign minister in Tehran on Sunday.

In the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.

War in Bosnia and Herzgovina lasted for three years between 1992 and 1995. Muslims of this country were brutally attacked by Serbs and Croats and tens of thousands of them lost their lives.

The Islamic Republic of Iran adopted an active policy to help Muslim brothers in Bosnia during the war and Velayati, who was then Foreign Minister of Iran, did a lot to further the cause of peace in Bosnia.

Velayati is currently the director of Expediency Discernment Council’s Center for Strategic Research.

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