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Death toll from Nepal earthquake rises to over 3,200

27 April 2015 12:44


The death toll from a devastating earthquake that hit the impoverished Himalayan country of Nepal has risen to over 3,200.

At least 3,218 people were killed in the massive weekend earthquake, Deputy Inspector General of Police Komal Singh Bam said on Monday, giving no further details.

Another 18 people lost their lives in an avalanche that swept through the base camp of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, following the Saturday earthquake.

Nepalese people rest in a temporary shelter in open areas in the capital, Kathmandu, on April 27, 2015, two days after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. (© AFP)

Some 90 people were separately killed in neighboring countries, including at least 67 in India and 20 in China, as the earthquake also caused damage in those countries.

Around 6,500 Nepalese were injured in the disaster, said Rameshwor Dangal, the head of Nepal’s disaster management agency.

Rescue teams and relief supplies from countries around the world are arriving in Nepal’s devastated capital, Kathmandu, to help the terrified and homeless survivors of the quake.

The magnitude 7.8 quake, with its epicenter outside Kathmandu, was the country’s deadliest disaster in more than 80 years.

India, Bangladesh and other parts of Nepal felt the aftershocks of the tremor on Monday.

“There have been nearly 100 earthquakes and aftershocks, which is making rescue work difficult,” Kathmandu district chief administrator Ek Narayan Aryal said.

A large number of ill-fated mountain climbers had gathered at Mount Everest at the beginning of the annual climbing season when the earthquake happened, and the real scale of the disaster has yet to be evaluated.

The worst recorded earthquake in Nepal struck in 1934 with a magnitude of 8.3 on the Richter scale. It killed over 8,500 people and ruined the cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan.

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