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Syrian Army Kills Scores of Terrorists across Country

27 April 2015 20:32


Units of the Syrian army and the armed forces on Monday continued tightening the noose around terrorists across the country, killing scores of them and destroying their arms and ammunition.


A unit from the army and armed forces destroyed three dens, with terrorists of al-Nusra Front inside them, in the village of Al-Doha in the countryside of Quneitra province, a military source told SANA Monday.

An Army unit eliminated a number of terrorists from al-Nusra during a special operation which targeted one of their dens to the south of Royhina dam in Quneitra province.

Another army unit clashed with terrorists near the main square of Quneitra city, killing many of them and injuring others.


A number of terrorists were killed and their weaponry and munitions were destroyed during intensive strikes by the army against the terrorist organizations in al-Hara al-Sharqia in Attman town to the north of Daraa city.

An army unit eliminated many terrorists after setting an ambush for them in the area surrounding al-Masri roundabout and destroyed one of their hideouts in al-Jumruk al-Qadim in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in Daraa city.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of many of their members, including Hussein Ahmad al-Nahar, Mohamed Mwafak al-Suleiman, and Osama Mahomud Fahid al-Deiri.

An Army unit carried out a special operation against a gathering of al-Nusra, eliminating a number of its members in al-Mesmiea village in al-Lajat area.

North of Daraa city, many terrorists were killed and others were injured during Army operations in Salmin town.


Units of the army and armed forces killed scores of ISIL terrorists after targeting their gatherings to the east of bricks factory, Qumainas, Majdaliya and al-Nairab in the countryside of northern Idleb province.

A unit from the army and armed forces heavily engaged in fighting terrorists in the surroundings of Bricks factory in the countryside of Idleb province, killing and injuring big numbers of them.

Another army unit destroyed four vehicles, one of them equipped with heavy machine gun, belonging to terrorist organizations in the area surrounding al-Ziadia town.

Meanwhile, scores of Chechen suicide terrorists were killed near the southern entrance of Jisr al-Shughour city in province Countryside, according to the military source.

The Syrian Army’s air force destroyed a cluster of vehicles belonging to al-Nusra terrorists in the surroundings of Sermin city and a convoy of vehicles in the area between Qumainas and the brick factory in Idleb countryside.


Army units continued military operations against terrorist organizations, destroying dens and gatherings of terrorists and severing their supply lines with Turkey in the northern province of Aleppo.

A military source told SANA that the army carried out an operation against terrorists’ gatherings in the northern countryside of the Province where many terrorists were killed and others were injured in Tal Refaat town.

The source added that an army unit killed many al-Nusra terrorists in a concentrated operation in al-Jabboul village in the eastern countryside of the province.

A concentrated strike was directed at terrorists’ gatherings to the west of al-Nayrab Airport where many terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed.

In Aleppo city, the source said that army units carried out operations against terrorists’ hideouts where a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in the neighborhoods of Bustan al-Basha, Qastal Mosht, Old Aleppo, al-Halk, al-Halawaniya, al- Maadi, al-Salehin, al-Marja, and al-Lairamoun.


Army air force destroyed a number of vehicles of ISIL, with all terrorists on board, at the eastern side of Jazal oil field in the countryside of central province of Homs.

The army also carried out intensive operations against ISIL gatherings and dens in Rahoom village in the deep eastern countryside of Homs.

Units of Army eliminated a number of terrorist organizations’ members and destroyed their vehicles in al-Mshirfa al-Janobia, Um al-Rish, and al-Khrija to the east of Homs city.


An Army unit blew up two car bombs which were being driven by ISIL terrorists before they reached Abyad checkpoint southwest of Hasaka city, a source at the province told SANA reporter.

A Saudi terrorist suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at the entrance of International Driving School southwest of Hasaka city, injuring nine civilians.

An army unit, in cooperation with popular defense group, clashed with a terrorist group that was attempting to infiltrate towards the Martyrs Cemetery to the south of the city.

The clash resulted in the death of nine terrorists and the injuring of others, while the rest of them fled. The army is currently chasing them in the area.

Another Army unit directed intensive strikes against gatherings of terrorists in the area surrounding International Driving School and Jisr Abiyad, al-Dawdia, and Ward Shaqra villages southwest of Hasaka city.

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